Microsoft Windows Server 2025 Standard (16 Core)

Microsoft Windows Server 2025 Standard (16 Core) is a robust server operating system designed to meet the demanding needs of businesses in the UAE, providing essential features for managing network infrastructure, enhancing security, and supporting application workloads with scalability and reliability. As a foundational platform for enterprise IT environments, Windows Server 2025 Standard empowers organizations to optimize performance, streamline operations, and achieve business continuity.

Key Features and Benefits
Windows Server 2025 Standard offers a comprehensive set of features tailored for modern IT environments:

Enhanced Security: Built-in security features such as Windows Defender for malware protection, Secure Boot for protecting the server startup process, and Shielded Virtual Machines for safeguarding VMs from unauthorized access.

Scalability and Performance: Supports up to 16 cores per server, enabling businesses to scale their infrastructure according to workload demands while delivering high performance and efficiency.

Server Virtualization: Hyper-V technology allows for efficient virtualization of server resources, optimizing hardware utilization and reducing IT costs by consolidating workloads onto fewer servers.

Remote Desktop Services: Provides secure remote access to applications and desktops, enabling employees to work from anywhere while maintaining data security and compliance.

Why Choose Microsoft Windows Server 2025 Standard?
Reliability and Stability: Windows Server 2025 Standard is renowned for its stability and reliability, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous availability of critical business applications and services.

Cloud Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure, enabling hybrid cloud scenarios that extend on-premises infrastructure to the cloud for enhanced scalability, disaster recovery, and cost efficiency.

Management and Administration: Simplifies server management with tools like Windows Admin Center, allowing IT administrators to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot servers from a centralized dashboard.

Support and Updates: Regular updates, security patches, and comprehensive support from Microsoft ensure that Windows Server 2025 Standard remains secure, compliant, and optimized for performance.

Microsoft Windows Server 2025 Standard (16 Core)